[2014] Kenneth Cox (Section 6-3): Ken Cox

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[2014] Kenneth Cox (Section 6-3): Ken Cox

Stars are classified by the elements that they absorb and their temperature. There are seven main types of stars. The star types are, dwarf, Giant and supergiant, faint or almost dead stars, Binary and Variable stars.

A galaxy is a large system consisting of stars, stellar remnants, gas and dust and dark matter. Galaxy comes from the greek word galaxias.

The most common stars in the galaxy are red dwarfs, a cool star about a tenth the mass of our sun.

The 2% Milky Way Galaxy

The Milky Way is shaped like a huge whirlpool that rotates once every 200 million years. It is made up of at least 100 billion stars, as well as dust and gas. It is so big that light takes 100 000 years to cross from one side to the other.

the solar system is located in the galaxy ;we are not located in the middle of the galaxy but we are on one of the spirals of the galaxy

By Kenneth Cox


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