[2015] Ian Cruz (7th Period): Kelp Forest

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[2015] Ian Cruz (7th Period): Kelp Forest

Kelp forest provide food and shelter for thousends of species. They are also known to hold a higher diversity of plants and animals than almost any other ocean community.

Kelp forest grow along rocky shorelnes, mostly on the Pacific coast. For example some types of kelp are Macrocystis, Alaria fistulosa, and Nereocystis.

Kelp forest are home to many different species,including fish, sea urchins, snails, and sea otters. Also mammals like sea lions and whales are likely to live there.

Nereocystis Kelp


Kelp forest grow best in nutrient-rich waters with cold temperatures. The temputures are between 42-72 degrees F. The water has to be clear so that the sunlight can hit it.

Kelp Forest

Macrocystis Kelp

Alaria fistulosa Kelp


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