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by KRalph
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Internet Safety

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Kelli's Digital Citizenship Poster

Hey, Johnny, is that really YOU?

Protect Your Identity Online...


It’s easy to lose track of “you” online.Your full name, birthdate & address are all an identity thief needs. Learn how to protect yourself.

Or You Don't Know "Who" You Might Become

Did You Know?Someone could be watching YOU, and you may not know it.Facebook knows when you visit a web site that has a “Like” button… even if you don’t click “Like”.Cookies and web bugs on your computer send info to advertisers about web sites you visit.Some apps ask to access all your personal info when you install them.Spyware can get installed on your computer, without you knowing.

Remember… Not everything you post online is private.

It’s boring, but read the privacy agreements.Know who has access to your personal info.Check your privacy settings every once in awhile.


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