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Keith Shackelford career shadow glog

Purpose of the Company

The purpose of the company ATP is transportation. The company transports different types of cargo for a variety of businesses, but usually transport cargo for cold storage, such as fruits, or greenbeans.

Company growth

In fifteen years, the company ATP may not be the biggest transportation company, but it will get bigger, and have more locations and more vehicles for transportation.

Employability skills

A career in transportation requires many of the Mckeel employability skills. If you are employed at ATP, then you must be on time, as there are many orders waiting for transporttation, so if your late getting to a place, you will be late to get the cargo where it needs to go. You must do your assigned work and follow intructions,as your intructions will often tell where you need to go to transport the cargo your carrying. You must also have proper supplies for the job such as pen and pencil, to fill out paperwork.

Average salary and education

The average salary of someone with a career in transportation is about 800$ a week, and the education required is a high school diploma or a GED or equivalant, a class A drivers license, and a commercial driver license.

What I liked about the job?

There is no schedule that is set in stone, so how long you may work, or what time you will transport varies greatly from job to job.

Job skills

Career in transportation?

What I disliked about job?


I liked the travel on the job, as you go to many places and are never in one palce for too long.

Much of the job skills required would be spacial reasoning, weight estimation, angles, and algebra. Another skill that one would have to get would be a drivers license.

I would consider a career in transportation as a starting job, as the pay a is good, and you could start with a high school diploma.

There is some technology that is used on the job. The most used would be the 18 wheeler that you would drive around to transport cargo from one place to another, the other technology would be forklifts used to move cargo either onto or off of the trailer.

This is the vehicle that we used to transport produce in.

This is the forklift that unloaded the trailer and took its cargo into storage.

This is the person I shadowed, releasing the load locks from minside the trailer.



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