Keeping it Calm

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Keeping it Calm

Definitions of Eustress and DistressEustress:Is a form of stress that can be positive and motivating to an individual. Eustress can be healthy in small quantities.Distress: Is a form of stress that can be negative and can physically and emotionally hurt a person. Distress can be harmful and can cause people to be extremely anxious.''Don't stress about things that you can't change.''-Walt Disney

1) Breathing pace speeds up2) The bodies muscles tense up3) Level of sweat increases

Breathing Techinques

''When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade."

Environmental Stressor

The Blind Side

3 Physical Changes that occur during Fight or Flight

Keeping it Calm

Glog for Health

Ali Early


The resulting stressors of the crash include S.J being worried if the blood would come out of his shirt (he wasn't very affected by the crash), Leanne was scared because both of her sons were in the car together and they could have been really hurt and Micheal protected S.J even though it hurt his arm. All 3 of them responded very differently.

Fight or Flight is the bodies reaction to an event that could be seen as harmful. This is the bodies "survival mode".

I think this quote relates to stress because even if you are in a stressful situation, you can still make the best of it and try to move on. So even if you get lemons try your best to make lemonade.

BP Oil SpillApril, 2010

Relaxing musicto alleviate stress


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