Keepin' it Fresh

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Keepin' it Fresh

Keepin' It Fresh

What liquid will keep apples from browning the longest?


A lot of us open up our lunches to see ugly brown apples. Maybe they're in a salad, slaw, or just by themselves - no matter what, a brown apple is gross. What if there was some sort of liquid that could stop that browning? With this experiment, we can see that lemon juice is the clear choice for keeping our apples fresh. If your salad dressing has vinegar in it, expect some brown apples!

1. Label 5 cups with the following labels: Lemon juice Apple cider vinegar Vinegar Rice milk Control (Water)2. Place one apple slice in the cup labeled “control.” Record observations.3. Measure ¼ cup of lemon juice into the cup labeled “lemon juice.” 4. Place one apple slice into the lemon juice.5. Record observations in the data chart. 6. After 1 hour, record observations.7. Record each hour for a total of 4 hours. 8. Repeat steps 3-7 with the other liquids.


- 5 cups-Measuring cups-Lemon Juice-Apple cider vinegar-White vinegar- Rice milk-Water

So what?

What happened?

Results and Conclusion

I collected data in two ways: through pictures (left) and a data table (above). I recorded changes in the apple hour by hour in the chart. At the conclusion of the experiment (5 hours), I took a picture of the results. Based on the data and pictures, lemon juice is the best liquid to prevent brown spots from appearing. Rice milk also prevented brown spots, but is less common than regular milk. In contrast, the two vinegars had the biggest discoloration and the most brown spots.Within one hour, there was a difference in color in the two apples submerged in vinegar. By the last hour, all of the apples had developed at least one brown spot, except the apple in lemon juice. Claim: The liquid that prevents apples from browning the best is lemon juice. This is because the apple in lemon juice had the least brown spots compared to the other apples in other liquids.

Lemon juice is the clear winner!


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