Keep the future bright turn off the lights

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Energy & Environment

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Keep the future bright turn off the lights

Keep the future brightturn off the lights

How is electricity wastedIf you have overcharging batteries you waste electricity but you are not alone. Look at your right for more examples.

If you leave the lights on when you leave a room that is wasting electricity. Leaving the computer on all night is another problem. That is not doing the world a favour.Using unefficent light bulbs is not conserving energy.Leaving the time switch on all day long is wasting electricity.Leaving the water on while you brush your teeth wastes electricity and highers energy taxs for your parents.While there is air conditioning and you leave windows&doors open that is really not conserving energy. It is also wasting our limited fossil fuels on Earth.

SolutionsInstead of light bulbs we could use fluorescent light bulbs to save electricity.It is the light bulb that is curvy.

Switching drink machines off overnight using the time switch is a way to save electricity.Also keeping doors and windows closed when air conditioning is on.

"Keep the future bright,turn off the light" means that if we want the Earth to be a healthy place we need to reserve energy.

Turning the computer off overnight can save electricity. Not having overcharging batteries is a way to conserve energy.While you brush your teeth turn off the tap water.

My Glogictionaryconserve-to saveovercharging-charging for a long timetime switch-an off/on switchunefficent-wastingfossil fuels-rocks made from plants and animals that decaded over millions of yearstaxes-a billreserve-to keep or watch over

Let's lower tax billsOntario!

Switch your light bulbs!

Fun activity corner~find electricity at home~find 7 solutions~draw matching photos~make a slogan~design a poster~print photos~present your poster

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