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KB Bismuth

Bismuth is considered to be stable, although it is actually radioactive with an extremely slow rate of decay.

Bismuth (Bi)

The name bismuth is a latinized version of the old German word 'weisse masse' or 'wismuth' meaning 'white mass', named after its white oxide.

Beginning with Johann Heinrich Pott in 1738, Carl Wilhelm Scheele and Torbern Olof Bergman, the distinction of lead and bismuth became clear. The French Chemist Claude François Geoffroy demonstrated in 1753 that this metal is distinct from lead and tin. Bismuth was also known to the Incas and used in a special bronze alloy for knives.

Carl Wilhelm Scheele

Bismuth is usually mixed with other metals, such as lead, tin, iron and/or cadmium to form low-melting alloys. These alloys are used things such as automatic fire sprinkler systems, fire detection systems and electrical fuses. Chemical Properties:- most diamegnetic of all metals- reacts with sulfuric, nitric, and hydrochloric acids- electronegativity= 2.02- very high in flammability



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