Kaylyn Clark Spanish 2 Exam part C

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Kaylyn Clark Spanish 2 Exam part C

The main difference I have noticed between the spanish and english language is cognates. I thought cognates and actual words would be correct and similiar. Some cognates are confusing! ex: carpeta-folder

I would love to be fluent in spanish and other languages in order to compete in a global market!

What I have learned in Spanish 2

I have learned about Panama, Spain, Mexico, and many other countries in the spanish speaking world. After seeing the beautiful sites of Spain, I hope to one day visit there.

Two things that surprised me the about spanish were not all the countries and cities were living in poverty and also the language was not as easy to learn as it seemed!

The main difference between the English and Spanish culture is the way the spanish spend their free time. In english, many people play football or baseball whereas in Spanish speaking countries the main sport is soccer. Also, I feel that the spanish speaking world has more festivals and handmakes a lot more of their goods than the english speaking countries.

The main stereotype I had towards spanish speaking countries was that everyone lived in poverty. This is not true, as many people in Spain do not live in poverty and are very wealthy.

Part 3: Taking this class online I realized you must be very patient due to technology. I do not like that quicktime must be installed in order to take this course. I had many difficulties with quicktime. One thing I did like was how short the sections were. To improve this course I would suggest using a different program than quicktime. It created many problems and several quizzes/tests had to be reset due to it. My professor was wonderful and VERY understanding esepcially when I needed things re-set. One thing I did not like was miscommunication between the school ELA and the professor.

I have learned how to say something is more. (mas)I have learned how to pronounce numbers. (mil=million, ochoscientos=800)I have learned how to talk about when something is going to occur (hoy=today, ma(n)ana=tomorrow, ayer=yesterday)I have learned how to say something is less. (menos)I have learned to use direct object pronouns based on gender and the amount(lo=male, los=male and plural, la=feminine, las=feminine and plural.I have also learned about transportation in Latin-America and it is not as nice as transportation in America.



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