Kaylee_Division Project

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Kaylee_Division Project

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When you Divide seven divided by seven hundred ten you might not know how to divide this is how you divide.First you multiply 7 times 1 equals 7 now put the 7 at the bottom of 7 and the 1 at the top.Then subtract 7 from 7 equal o.Now drop the one next to the zero.Now can seven go into one no so multiply 1 by 0.Then put the 0 at the top then subtract 1 by 0 equals 1.Next drop the zero next to the one.Can 10 go into 7.The answer in no but the closes number is 7.So, put the one at the top and one times seven is seven.Now put the seven under 10.Subtract 10-7=3 and 3 is the remainder

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Julie works in the movie theater.Her boss told her to count the seats. there are 5 rows,each row has 200 seats.How many seats are there in all?

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