Kayla, Samantha, and Arlyssa

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Kayla, Samantha, and Arlyssa

Inherited Traits:1.it has a short, dense coat, usually a uniform tawny-brown to brick-red, and black (melanistic) 2. the backs of the ears are black and topped with long black tufts about 1.75 inches long.3.The face has black markings on the whisker pads, around the eyes, above the eyes and faintly down the center of the head and nose.4. The tail is short.5.Eye color varies from golden or copper to green or grey.

a caracal cat is a carnivore

a caracal cat is a tertiary consumer

Adaptations:1.strong legs2.patted paws 3.keen sense of smell4.can track day and night5.ears can move independently to hear prey

Inherted behavior:1.jump high to get prey2.hunts day and night

It Could be a predator and a prey

Caracal Cat

There prey is small rodents,hares,hrraxes,and small antelopes.

There predators are human beings, lions,and hyenas.



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