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Katt Goff

And To The Future.

Here's To The Past

Alle Parag; She defines my past. She was the one thing that was always there to save me. We spent every second possible together when I lived in Delaware. Although I'm from Maryland, Delaware is still my second home. She was the only memory I had after I moved back to Maryland, but things change, people grow up, and sometimes you lose theones you love. I still love her with everything I have, she'll never leave my heart.

This is my present. These are only a few of the people that I spend every second of my time with. I don't know what I would every do without them. They keep me sane, pick me up when I'm bored, and we have the most amaznig adventures together. Most of the time we just do nothing but walk or drive around and sing and dance and do dumb stuff. But they're the ones who I go to when I need help, when I'm feeling upset, or just need someone to talk to. They're my world.

My future. I'm young, yeah. But is it wrong to love ? This is all I need in my future, Eric Aparentado. Of course, I want to have a job, a family, a happy, productive life. But in reality, it's harder to reach your goals alone. It's possible, but you can't live your life without someone there to guide you. He's the only person I could trust to never let me down when I'm in need. Friends eventually leave, and family isn't always supportive in what you want to do in your future. This is the one person that would never leave my side. I love him because he'll never let me back down. He's always pushing me to do what I want and would do anything to make sure I'm happy.



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