Katrina Golden Gate Bridge

by annamariedyas
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Katrina Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge

Vital statisticsLocation:San Fransico,CaliforniaDate Opened:May 27,1937Cost:23,843,905Height:746 ft.Materials:Steel and ConcreteEngineer:Joseph Strauss

Joseph Strauss

Interesting Facts: The Fare to go across the bridge was 6.00The golden gate bridge is painted red,but called gold because of the sunIts steel cables are able to wrap around the earth 3 times!The golden gate bridge is the most photagraphed bridge in the world!

Longitude: -122° 28' 40" Latitude: 37° 49' 8"

Made By:Katrina Worley

The final result....

Building Process...

Building Process...



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