Katniss (Physics)

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Katniss (Physics)

Projectile Motion: Is the projectile of the curved path caused by the gravitational force Gravity: attractive force between two objects that depends on the masses of the objects and the distance between them Potenial Energy: stored energy an object has due to its position Kinetic Energy: energy a moving object has because of it's motion; depends on the mass and speed of the object.


Hunger Games Project:By: Kaila Nelson

As Katniss is shooting the bow she is demonstrating projectile motion. The arrow is so fast that you can not see this physics law. But it is there.

When Katniss jumps from the tree when the forest was a fire that is a demonstration of gravity.

When Katniss was standing on the platform waiting for the time to hit zero right before the game she was demonstating Potenial Energy to Kinetic Energy when she starts to run



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