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Drilling for Oil in the Arctic

Yet, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge remains under assault.

And each year, millions of birds go to this special place.

It's the most important denning habitat for polar bears.

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is home to foxes and caribou.

Our nation is now at a crossroad. We can continue to follow the road that keeps us addicted to oil, or take the road towards cleaner, safer energy options.

The Defenders of Wildlife organization is actively engaging Congress in support of environmentally sound, smart, and wildlife friendly energy policies. There are many ways on their website that you can help the Arctic Refuge.

It's time we leave the oil-age and and enter the era of clean energy!

Help protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from Big Oil!

Isn't it time that this endangered place got the lasting protection it deserves?

By Katie OMeara

The oil company Big Oil continues to launch attacks on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, trying to get their hands on the insignifigant amount of oil beneath the refuge. The refuge is now in more danger than ever.

I love animals!


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