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Katie McClure

Get To Shelter!I was wondering what can a Tsunami Do? Well it is really caused by sudden things in seafloor mostly earthquakes and rarely large landslides. Then i asked what are landslides? Well classified as mass movements of rock materials that made up the hill-slope and they are driven by gravity. Then I asked... How is a tsunami formed? A tsunami is a series of waves generated in an ocean or otherbody of water by a urbance such as an earthquakes, landslide, volcano eruption, or meteor impact. Now im asking how much damage can a Tsunami do? Tsunami are ocean produced by earthquakes. Then im asking How big is a Tsunami? Well less than 1 meter (3 feet) Tsunamis can they go to shallow waters allong the coast. They can be as high as 30 mm (100 feet) or more. One of the best questions I ever asked was... What happens when a tsunami reaches land? The viscous drag of continal self slows the front of the wave. Last, But Not Least... How can a tsunami get to you? It can crush you from sheer force pull you in and you will drown.

Katie McClure


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