Katie Heidari

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Katie Heidari

Nothing more to it than a small kid just trying to enjoy a want to be herself. Through all the rough times, I've still mangaged to come out more strong than others. Growing up without anyone by my side besides friends isn't all that easy and believing every negative thing you were told isn't always right. However, you can make the best out of any situation, that's why I am the way I am today.


Oddly enough, my biggest fear is closets. I hate small closets, I hate thinking about them ever since I was little, whenever I do, I tend to feel my chest attacking me. Lets just say, I never had good experiences when it came to closets.

I always wanted to be a vet, since I loved animals. However, since I was little, I was always told the things I wanted to do weren't good or wasn't right.

This is the soundtrack to my lifeBy: Kate Mina Heidari.


Well, all you can ever do is stay postive, right? That's how I live. As days go by faster than ever, I feel as though life is going by with nothing being accomplished. To get a little personal just so anyone that reads this can understand better, I'm not too complex. I don't talk to people I don't like, yet I have many friends. I have literally a million different problems, but people find it interesting. I don't have much of a relationship with the people I live with, meaning my parents. I have 2 very close friends, and a boyfriend of over a year now. They all know that sometimes I zone off, and can't pay attention because I see or hear something strange. Or when my anger starts working up. Or when I'm too depressed to even do anything. Luckily i've finally seeked help, I'll be better. No matter what, I love my life. And I know i'll be successful, no matter what anyone has to say, or put me down. I'm stronger than them. Success is the sweetest revenge.


In the future, I want to travel. I want to see sights and go all across the world. I wanna be an orthodontist too. Well, maybe, I could change my mind. I know for a fact that no matter what I end up doing, I wanna help people. Maybe kids like me that had to go through what I did. Or kids in the hospital and could have money to help them. That's really my personal legend. Just to make some sort of difference, it being small or even big. I wanna make my parents proud of me for once. I know I can. I hope to see the future being bright. I don't wanna have a fabulous lifestyle. I wanna get married, and just have a small condo, somewhere nice, maybe eventually make a family? I hope so. I wanna be able to do something good. Maybe while traveling, I can help people in other countries. I don't know, however, i know that I am very excited to see what's to come in the future.

Hey you - Pink Floyd.

Written in the stars -Tinie Tempah

Soundtrack to my life - Kid Cudi

Shawn Meekins. 14 months. One of only peoplethat has ever stuck by me with everything. Thank you.


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