[2015] ashtyn butler (English8): Katie Davis

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[2015] ashtyn butler (English8): Katie Davis

Katie Davis1989-Missianary to Africa

Came from a small town with a little family in Brentwood, Tenn.While she's in Africa she finds 13 girls that she falls in love with.

Accomplishments: Katie has to stay in Africa becasue she adopted thirteen beautiful girls.After she got married she both of them wanted kids.


Contributions:Katier Davis was a contribution to Africa and to her lovely thirteen daughters.She has learned to live in the hot weather in Africa, on the other hand she has a book writen after her "Kisses For Katie".I think it is a lovely thing to have so many other people to help and have faith in you .Katie has a very big heart to have adopted that many girls and not go crazy.


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