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Katie and Maddi Glogster

Using the materials of the sunshield from the Webb telescope,we want to create a shield for the bear habitats so that they can hibernate naturally. The shield will keep ambient light out-just like the telescope's shield does-protecting the bears from infrared light in the form of heat. Since a bear's temperature during hibernation drops by 20 degrees, the shield will also use cryogenic technology to cool the habitat just like it does to the telescope.

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The Problem:We want to provide hiberating animals, specifically bears, safe and efficient environments in which they can hibernate while in captivity.

SafeBear Hibernators

Our NASA spinoff idea is very effective! This has the potential to change the way we treat animals in captivity and help them get the true feeling that they are in a natural habitat, instead of having to move them to different habitats when the season changes. The sunshield effectively reflects the light that bears do not want during hibernation and also cools their body temperature by the correct amount.

In our experiment, we will see if our shield cools to the correct temperature and if it truly keeps light out efficiently for the bears. A bear's temperature needs to drop from its regular 100° to about 88° in order for the it to get the most out of hibernation. So we will pick four different bear habitats and put the sheild in place and let it sit over an entire winter season. We will then have machines inside to measure the temperature and to also measure the amount of visible light in the area. This will give us an idea of what we can improve upon, and if we can possibly use this for other hibernating animals.

-When researching the JWST, we looked at the sunshield and the primary mirror. -With the primary mirror, we discussed using it in someform in relation to bees but, we decided that wouldn't make the most sense. -Then we decided we wanted to work with the sunshield. We decided we either wanted to help bears with hibernating, or premature babies that needed to be incubated. - We thought the functionality of the sunshield would better help the bears hibernating, therefore we chose to further or reasearch with the sunshield.

Criteria:They need to be in places that bears can use them for hibernating.Constraints:The funds to create and then buy this product.The willingness of zoos to accept this product into their zoo.


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