Kathryn Dykes

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Kathryn Dykes

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly• I have always loved having books read out loud to me.• I liked to look at the illustrations in books and let my mind wonder when I was a kid.• As a child I hated reading in front of others because I had to focus really hard on each word individually so that i wouldn't mess up in front of my peers. • My sister was read to more than I was growing up. She is addicted to books, I always felt pretty neutral towards reading. • I still enjoy children's books and light reads.

Books To ReadCatch 22The Girl on the TrainMr. Mercedes

Top 5 Children's Books1.Ferdinand 2.The Giving Tree 3.The Carousel 4. Rainbow Fish5.Go, Dog, Go!

Flashback!!!My 2nd grade teacher read us a chapter from Junie B. Jones every day. I always looked forward to circle time.

Trending Top 51.The Shack2.Room3.The Pact4.House Rules5.Firefly Lane

Reading Rainbow

I think many of my students will share similar attitudes towards reading that I experienced growing up. By having firsthand knowledge of some struggles, I think I will be able to identify which students need more support and encouragement with reading, and will try to provide a wide range of books to appeal to each student.



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