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Katelyn Sanzone

What can we do to helpGray Wolves?-Adopt a Gray Wolf-Take action-Speak up for Wildlife-Stay imformed-Become a defender of wildlife

Click us to watch a video about Gray Wolf Pups at play!

The Amazing Gray Wolf!by Katelyn Sanzone

What do Gray WolvesEat?-Deer-Cattle-Sheep-Other livestock-Large hoofed animals-Birds-Beavers-Hares

Why are Gray WolvesEndangered?People do these things to Gray Wolves:-Trap-Hunt-Poison-Shooting

Where do Gray Wolves Live?-Eurasaia-North America-Forests

Physical Characteristics-Females are smaller than males-Coat color ranges black to white-Usually gray or brown-Looks like grizzeled German Shepered

Intersting Facts about Gray Wolves!-Wolves form packs of 5-20 Wolves!-Gray Wolves cousins are dogs, coyotes, foxes, and jackels!-Live from 6-8 years!-Wolves have exelent sense of smell

Why Do Wolves and Coyotes Howl?There is a myth in Mexico about a coyote that was trying to kill a rabbit to eat. But, the rabbit was very clever, and he put the coyote up to many clever tricks. But when he did the last trick on the coyote he ran off, and the coyote who was not very fast (because the rabbit wanted to share "cheese" with coyote that was in the middle of a lake that was really the moon had tried to drink all the water in the lake but ended up getting lots of water inside him so he was really fat and couldn't run as fast) tried to keep up with rabbit.but the rabbit, went up a ladder that led to the moon and hid the ladder in the stars so the coyote couldn't come to the moon and follow the rabbit so then he could eat him. That is why Wolves and Coyotes howl.

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