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Katelyn Nicole.

My Past- I was born on April 10th, 1995. I have an older brother and an older sister. My parents got divorced when i was 2 and a 1/2 or 3. I've lived in my house my whole life except from 2005-2006 because my mother, stepfather and I moved to Pyllesville, MD at the start of the 2005 summer. As a child, i got into a lot of trouble. I used to bite people who made me mad and i used to make fun of my siblings a lot. But whenever i was around my friends parents i was the sweetest kid and loveeeeed to give hugs. Growing up I played soccer for 10 years. I also participated in ballet , jazz and tap when i was in like 1st grade ... yeah. you heard me...no you can not see a picture. I had a puppy in elementry school and her name was Amber and she was a red nosed lab and she meant the world to me. My mother and I have never really had a relationship or been close so i kinda feel like ive been deprived of a mother. sooo yeah.

My Present. I go to school at Perry Hall High School. I'm in a long distance relationship of 5 months with a guy named Adam and he means the world to me. I live in Perry Hall with my mom, step dad, and little sister. Family and friends mean the most to me , over anything else. I can count on my family for anything and my friends are amazing people.

My Biggest Fears. - Dissapointing my parents .-Dissapoinying my future kids.-Being a bad parent.-Getting divorced.

Sometimes living' in a word like this,it's pretty hard not to go insane,not pretty if you don't comply, pretty easy if you don't complain,stand there like you don't feel pain,no tears in the face of defeat,pretend to the end that you don't feel change,don't admit it that your faith is weak,don't say that you feel like dying,life's hard and it feels like diamonds,going home it's just far too gone,much too late to even feel like trying,can't understand what I'm saying,can't figure out what I'm implying,if you feel you don't want to be alive,you feel just how I am...I'm on the dark side,and you can't come find me,how?when its light all around you,yeah but it's dark on the inside,no winner when its me against me,one of us ain't gonna survive,my heart been broke for a while,yours been the one keeping me alive,my heart been broke for a while,yours been the one keeping me alive...

My favorite childhood memory would be watching Spongebob with my dad all day on the weekends I spent at his house.

My Future.In the future i want to have a job that i am passionate about and enjoy doing every day. Growing up I was surrounded by people who hated going into work and I realized at a young age that , that was no way to live life. My dad always said - "If you're not doing what you love, you're doing something wrong. " So theres that. Then there's what my mom has inspired me to do. She has inspired me to want to be the best mom anyone has ever seen. I want to have children and give them the best life possible and love them with every part of my being. Last but not least , i want to marry someone who I am in love with and i never want to fall out of love or get a divorce . Call me old school but marriage is something i take seriously and think it's really important.

Personal Legend. I believe my personal legend is to be the best parent anyone has ever seen, make an impact on the world and make people's lives a little bit easier by being there for anyone who ever needs me.

Love is...


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