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Kate Klise

California Young Reader's Medal 2001-2002 Connecticut Nutmeg Award 2001-2001Florida Sunshine State Reader Award 2001-2002Georgia Children's Literature Book Award 2001-2002Illinois Rebecca Caudill Award 2001-2002Massachusetts Children's Book Award (Honor) 1999-2000 Nebraska Golden Sower Award 2001-2002New Jersey Battle of the Books 2001-2002New Hampshire Cochecho Readers Award Winner 2000-2001Maine Student Book Award 1999-2000

-Kate and Sarah made their first ''book'' when Kate was ten and Sarah was eleven-Kate has more than 20 award winning books.-Kate lives in Missouri and Sarah lives in California.-Their dad, Thomas Klise, was a writer. -The oldest sister, Elizabeth Klise von Zerneck, is a published poet. -The second sister, Molly, owns a company (Thomas Klise/Crimson Multimedia) that sells educational and entertainment materials to schools and libraries. -The younger sister, Julia, is a talented writer, but she’s raising two boys in Paris. --James Klise, is a YA author with another project in the works.-Kate and Sarahs mother, Marjorie Klise, is a former elementary school teacher, took over their dad’s educational film business after his death.

Kate Kilse was born on April 13, 1963, in Peoria, Illinois. She went to Marquette University and studied English. Kate was the fourth of six childeren. Kate spent 15 years at People Magazine. Kate loves to read, write, hike, read and write. She loves to travel. Sarah Klise, Kates sister, illustrates all of her younger kids books. Kate writes her book at her farm house in Norwood, Missouri.

Kate Klise

-In the bag-Grounded-Homesick-The 43 Old Cemetry Road Series-The 3 Ring Rascal Series-The Regarding Series-Letters From Camp-Trail by Journal-Deliver Us From Normal-Far From Normal


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