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Kate Chopin

By: Robin L. Hayward Date: March 8, 2014


Kate Chopin ~ Known as the voice of truth and freedom. A suffragist and an abolitionist.

Title: Kate Chopin


Acclaimed Novelist

Louise Mallard, hearing the shocking, untimley, news of the death of her husband dares to dream of a life unchained by marriage. She dies of heart attack at the surprise of his mis-reported death and resurection.

The Story of an Hour ~Is a very poignant and powerful short story that illustrates a time and place in American history where women could only dream of independence.

Born: Catherine O'Flahtery February 8, 1850St. Louis, Missouri Died: August 22, 1904

Kate Chopin's writing was dedicated to unveiling women's issues with a compassionate voice.

Kate Chopin: As a child in 1858


American magazine fiction, short story novelist, Kate Chopin was published in Vogue, the Atlantic Monthly, Harper's Young People, Youth's Companion, and The Century to name a few.

Irony and symbolism

Kate Chopin's work was widley respected with the exception of "The Awakening", which critics of the time claimed to be trite, vulgar, sordid, unpleasant, and unhealthy. Although she continued writing after these denigrations, never again did she write with the same virility.


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