[2014] alyssa olson: Kate Chopin

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[2014] alyssa olson: Kate Chopin

Kate was born Febuary 8th, 1850 in St. Louis. She had a trroubled life when she was growing up. A lot of deaths in the family. At the age of 20 Kate got married to Oscar Chopin and they moved to New Orlans. They had 6 kids together, 5 boys and 1 girl. When she was 32 her husdand past away. So kate turned to writting to cope with everything and to support the family. She wrote about strong independent women.

Kates Accomplishments

1850 - Kate was born1870 - Married Oscar Chopin1899 - She publised her novel "The Awakenig"1904- Kate passed away

Kate Chopin was a strong independent women. Many of her stories she wrote were about self-relisnce and perseverance.Her first story she wrote was "Emancipation: A life fable". It was about freedom and restriction.Kates two novels are "The fault" and "The Awakening"

“The past was nothing to her; offered no lesson which she was willing to heed. The future was a mystery which she never attempted to penetrate. The present alone was significant.” ― Kate Chopin



Kate Chopin




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