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Kate Barlow




Kate Barlow did not care for Charles "Trout" Walker jsut as much as he cared for his education. Trout was the son of the Green Lake, Texas. He was a bigoted and self centered man. He was also a racist person. He had an eye for Kate Barlow, but all Kate wants to do is teach him and nothing further than that.


Kathrine's self-esteems were being in the school house everyday seeing the kids and seeing Sam. Things that lowered her self-esteems were the town's laws and how they restricted Sam and Kate to be together. That made her very sad. But if they became rebellious, something cruel will be done to Sam. And that is just so what happened on the night of his death.


Kathrine Barlow was devoted to teaching her students and pouring as much knowledge as she can into them. Kathrine sincerly cared about the children. They are somewhat like family to her. Kathrine Barlow had a motherly connection to her students because they looked up to her as a older female role model.

"Sometimes we have to let go of what is killing us, even if its killing us to let go."

After Sam's death, Kathrine Barlow became "Kissin' Kate Barlow" the lipstick murder. She rides around killing men and kissing them on the face afterwards. Her sadness and her anger alternated her good character. That is why she became that terrible way.



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