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Alabaster CavernsAlabaster Caverns

When we went to the Alabaster Caverns we thought it was going to be regular cave but it wasn’t. When we got there it was amazing and it it was hug!. It was sort of slippery, but it was fun. There was a lot of water and some bats and cave drawings. It was a long walk, but it was great! You can take great pictures there

The Alabaster Caverns are located in Freedom Oklahoma. There are 200 acres of caves. You can do a lot of fun things like seeing wild life and hiking. The caverns are made of alabaster gypsum, selenite and black alabaster. Alabaster Caverns is one of the few caves that has black alabaster. And they have 5 types of bats. There used to be an ocean there but when the water left the salt started building the cave. This happened about 20,000 years ago. It will end when the water drains out. So come before it comes to a end.

By: Camren,kathleen



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