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Karma Wilson

The cover of Bear Feels Scared is a great example of how a cover can be a window into the content of the book. All of the characters are gathered around the bear and he is in the dark with the wind whipping his fur showing the severity of the fear. The mood is one of apprehension because the cover makes it apparent how bear will feel in the book.

The book is representational because it displays nature as they actually appear. Animals do not really talk but they are illustrated realistically and they live in realistic natural settings.

Karma Wilson

Karma Wilson was born in the 1970’s in the United Staes. She was the only child and lived with a single mother in Norther Idaho. She loved reading, she was reading a novel and day. Her reading preferences were fantasy (C.S. Lewis, Terry Brooks, etc…) and historical fiction (L.M. Montgomery, Laura Ingalls Wilder, etc…). Suprisingly she didn’t want to write because her mother was a professional writer and made it seem mundane. At age 27 she was a wife and mother and realized she couldn’t find the books that her children were interested in. Countless rejections and three years later Karma was finally accepted by book agent Steven Malk. Her first book, Bear Snores On, was released in 2002. Since then Karma has had more than 30 books accepted for publication.

In the book Bear Stays Up for Christmas color is used to convey mood and emotions of the characters in the book. Almost all of the pages are in the den, with warm soft colors. When outside the colors are cooler and crisp but not threatening. The colors of the den make it feel inviting and home like.I love the way the author arranges the page. She usually has the text under the picture but when there is emphasis on a phrase such as “Bear Stays Up” the words are staggered around the page to draw important to the text rather than the illustration. It makes reading the book aloud fun and effortless because the way the page is arranged is a clue to when to emphasize words.

Characterization- Whenever a new character enters into the story they have their own illustration and page. The next illustration will have the new character with the rest of the characters that have already been introduced in the story. The characters enter the story with knowledge of where another place for bear to find food. They are helpful and kind but each is described in a unique and specific way. (Example: Badger shuffles, Mouse scampers)The Point of view in Bear Wants More is 3rd person with some dialogue from the characters. I think it’s a great choice because then we as the reader get to meet all of the characters.


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