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Karlu Karlu

Karlu Karlu (Devils Marble)

The rocks named Karlu Karlu are located in Australia. Some refer to them as the devils marbles. They are called this because back in the 19th century the Europeans that founded these rocks had a myth. They believed the "devil man" would play marbles from above with these rocks. They believed some rocks are broken and/or split because he would get mad and throw tanturms. Underneath this you will see the broken rocks.

Sandstone is a Sedimentary rock which lead me to believe the Karlu Karlu rocks are Sedimentary rocks.

This video underneath will show how big they really are and, also show you how many there are.

Today scientist believe magma within the earths crust hardened causing granite to form. Layers of sandstone on top of the granite were uplifted and brought to surface. Now that it was on surface, it was exposed to water causing layers to loosen and crumble. Weathering and erosion caused the certain rocks to break and split in half.


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