Karlee Lewis, Michal Jones, Brittany Lewis Block 5

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Karlee Lewis, Michal Jones, Brittany Lewis Block 5

The boreal forest is home to many birds and other animals. The boreal forest is the ancient forest of the northern hemisphere, a mixed forest including many evergreens (Spruce, fir, pine, larch). These species are well adapted to the long cold winters of the north, and create a dense forest with scant light or vegetation on the forest floor. The Boreal forest is the home to a miltitude of plant and animal species, and is the summer breeding destination for many migrating birds. Much of the earth's boreal forest has been lost due to logging

Karlee Lewis, Michal Jones, Brittany Lewis5th 9/21/12

These pictures were taking of these animals and plants in their natural habbit. There are many animals and plants here but they are shrinking because people are cutting the trees down

This picture is what the boreal forest looks like

This picture is the food chain in the boreal forest

Boreal Forests (Taiga)



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