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Karl Marx

More About Karl Marx

Karl Marx

More About Karl Marx

- One of nine Children born to Henrietta and Heinrich- Born on May 5, 1818- Homeschooled until he was 12- Studied at Jesuit High school for 5 years-School was raided in 1832

- Studied philosophy at the university of Berlin-His father converted from Rabbis to Christianity in 1816- At age 6 Marx was baptized in the Lutheran Church with his siblings-Mother was baptized after her father died in 1825

-1843 Marx moved to Paris with his wife- 1844 Marx and Friedrich Engles wrote together -1845 Marx and Engles wrote The Holy Family-Started writing for Vorwärts! in 1845, which would become The Communist League

- Got doctorate from the University of Jena in 1841-Wrote for the liberal democratic newspaper Rheinische Zeitung- became the editor in 1842-Secretly engaged to Jenny von Westphalen in 1836

About Karl Marx

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-1846 Marx founded the Communist Correspondence Committee-1847 Marx and Engels were asked to write the Manifesto of the Communist Party -Marx died on March 14, 1883 from Pleurisy


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