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Karin Hall

Karin's GlogReflection on Readingand Learning to Read

How My Experience Will Inform My TeachingMy love of reading was very clearly built through fun, engaging, and interactive reading experiences.These early experiences with words, books, and reading will influence my teaching. I hope to create a constructivist classroom in which reading is more than sitting still in front of a page of words. Cooperative reading and literary activities such as: use of technology, read-along games, and author visits will make the experience of learning to read exciting and memorable for my students.

I began the journey of learning to read with 'The Letter People'. They were a big part of the kindergarden curriculum and our classroom, represented on posters and 'Letter People' pillows. They were a part of many weekly learning activities in which the characters "worked together" to build words. They made learning to read easy and fun!

Most memorable early childhood story book:

'See and Say' Books withFisher Price Record Player

My family had many 'See and Say' books. Following alongin the small books while listening to pre-recorded textwas fun and great help (scaffolding) while learning to read!

I often requested this book at bedtime. After I learned to read, it is one that I revisited often. I was very amused by the "surprise ending".

The visit from this kind author andillustrator fostered a great love forstories–especially picture books!

As a child but I loved to read. It was exciting to get the chance to learn about the world through books and stories. I still love the activity and read as often as I can. My favorite type of book is: historical fiction.

Visits to the Mechancisburg Public Library were a weekly treat!

Norman Bridwell visited mykindergarden classroom.

I learned to read withhelp from 'The Letter People'.


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