Karima and Osama's Wedding

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Karima and Osama's Wedding

My Friends Wedding

By the end of the night I was having a great time. The food was absolutely amazing! I never expected to have lamb shwarma but I loved it. The food really brought us all together, the Bride was able to introduce me to some of her new in-laws and they were extremely nice and welcoming. It was a very different experience but fun.

Most of the Grooms family flew in from Lebanon and didn’t speak much English so it was very difficult to communicate. One of the younger girls helped us to know when to eat or when it was prayer time. Before any of the festivities started, the men went outside to pray in a large court yard and the women found room around the hall where the wedding was held to pray. My husband and I aren’t Muslim so this was extremely uncomfortable but we did not want to appear disrespectful to the culture to we participated.

Karima & I at my wedding!

A few months ago I my husband and I attended a Muslim wedding. It was a very traditional Muslim wedding performed in Arabic. Everything from the food to the music was completely different from traditional American weddings.They even had the reception before the actual wedding ceremony.

Karima & Osama on their Wedding Day

I was completely out of my element, not knowing exactly how to behave and I didn't cover my hair. I was separated from my husband because only the women sat, the entire night, while the men stood, the venue was a bit small. I expected my friend to walk done the aisle the way I did at my wedding but the couple walked the room together all night greeting and thanking guest. The ceremony consisted on the Bride and Groom sitting on a stage holding hands while the Groom’s father read a prayer from the Quran before they signed the wedding documents. That part wasn’t very different from American weddings.

I can image that this must be exactly how culturally diverse children feel. Completely uncomfortable and unaware of the cultural norms. Especially if there is a language barrier the way I experienced with most of the guest. This experienced showed me how important it is to make people feel welcome and try as best as I can to guide them in the way of what is expected. Most things can be taught by example, the way my husband and I learned to behave at the wedding!

Wedding plate!!



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