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Karen Horney

Nicknamed her father the "Bible-thrower"

Karen Horney

1. The need for affection and approval2. The need for a partner

Moving Against People

Born September 16, 1885Died December 4, 1952

Formed the Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis

8. The need for self sufficiency 9. The need for perfection10. The need to restrict life practices

Developed the 3 Categories of NeedsCompliance (needs 1-2)Aggression (needs 3-7)Detachment (needs 8-10)

Wrote Neurotic Personality of Our Time and New Ways in Psychoanalysis, as well as Our Inner Conflicts and Neurosis and Human Growth

3. The need for power4. The need to exploit others5. The need for social recognition6. The need for personal admiration7. The need for personal achievement

Moving Away from People

Moving Towards People

Theory of 10 Neurotic Needs

Published the American Journal of Psychoanalysis in 1941

Openly opposed Freudian theories such as "Penis Envy" with theory of "Womb Envy"

If Karen Horney were alive today, she would be an active Feminist, using her Psychologic knowledge and reaserch of Feminine Psychology in prominent and public venues such as court cases


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