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Karate is a common form of martial arts that originated in the area of Okinawa in Japan. Karate uses striking, punches and kicks and many other techniques to defeat an opponent. The people who parttake in this martial art are usually disciplined, hard working people, with a few exceptions. Many people are familiar, if not study this type of martial art.


There are various types of Karate, of these include:Shotokan: Known for deep stances and linear, lunging movements.Kyokushin: Known for its full-contact sparring, which allows full-powered punches to the body and pull-powered kicks to the legs, body and head.Wado-Ryu: Known for combining some jujitsu locks and throws with the stances and strikes of karate.Goju-Ryu: Known for close-ranged fighting that includes grasping motions.Isshin-Ryu: Known for short, snappy punches and kicks, punching with the thumb-up (vertical) fist position instead of the palm-down (horizontal) fist position, and blocking with the meaty part of the arm, instead of the bone, like most other systems.Shito-Ryu: Known for its wide syllabus of kata, or empty-handed, dance-like forms.Uechi-Ryu: Similar to Goju-Ryu, but uses more spearing strikes with the fingertips or extended knuckles.Shorin-Ryu: Similar to Shotokan, but more upright and uses more natural stances.

Uniforms, known as Gi and belts are another feature of Karate. The belt degree, originally having changed from a white belt to black belt on its own by getting dirtier, changes as one progresses through the degrees of difficulty and mastery that Karate has to offer. The standard degrees of belts are: white, yellow, green, brown, and black.

Some key vocabulary terms involving Karate:Budo: Martial artsDan: GradeGeri: KickGi: UniformKarate: Empty handObi: BeltRyu: School or systemSensei: TeacherUchi: StrikeUke: BlockYusume: At ease

A student goes to the gym daily to work out. This includes strength training, stretching, and hours of sparring, and practicing katas. At the studio, a student works for hours on end on perfecting their Karate skills and moves.


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