Kansas By:Kaylee Knox

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Social Studies
Fun Facts About The 50 States

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Kansas By:Kaylee Knox


I'm wild Bill Hickok.I was a cow townmarshal in the 1800's.I once killed a grizzly bear with a single knife.I died playing Poker, I got shot in the back of the head.I was holding 2 aces,2 eights, and one other card.That is now known as the dead man hand in Poker.

The capitol is Topeka.

Fast Fact:~The state flower is a wild native sun flower*It can grow up to 5 inches wide!*The sun flower adopted its place as the state flower on March 13th 1903.

Fast Fact:~The state tree is a cotton wood tree.*The trunk of the tree can grow to be 3-4 feet long.

Famous Place:~TallGrass Prairie*It is 10,894 acres

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the products and industries are:transportation equipment, food products, printed materials,cattle, wheat,and corn.




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