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Red Kangaroos

Gray Kangaroos

A Kangaroo's genstation period is one month. Then, the joey (baby Kangaroo) lives in it's mother's pouch for the first several months of its life. A Kangaroo has a joey one at a time. A newborn Joey is one inch (2.5 centimeters long).

A Kangaroo can jump over obstacles as high as six feet!Male Kangaroos can be about six feet tall, and female Kangaroos can be about four and a half feet tall!A Kangaroo can live as long as eight years!

KangaroosBy Maddi Lasker

Kangaroos are mammals.The scientific name for the Kangaroo is the Macropus Rufus.

Kangaroo and her joey (baby)

Kangaroos live on deserts and grasslands. They are active when temperatures are low.

Kangaroos eat mostly grass and small plants. Their predators are Dingoes, which are like large dogs. When a Dingo is near, a baby joey hides in its mother's pouch.

Kangaroos live in Australia, New Guinea, and nearby islands.


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