kangaroo grassland

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kangaroo grassland

Grasslands have no seasons but they have dry and wet periods.


When its hot out kangaroos lick their paws. When a kangaroo wants to go in her moms pouche they jump in.

Kangaroo paws are red and green the flowers grow up to 10 cm long. Kangaroo paws have a red sturdy stem.

The kangaroo paw got its name because its flowers look like a kangaroo paw.

The kangaroo paw adaptations are they have tiny wooly hairs on its flowers that helps them survive and they have a sturdy stem.

Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroos adaptations are they can hop and they have large ears. One more adaptation for a kangaroo is they have large powerful legs that can hop.


The temperature range is usually about 70 degrees F. The grasslands have warm temperatures year around. In the dry period it is usually between 78 degrees F - 86 degrees F.


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