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Kalin Hassler

Trevor!Trevor is a 13 year old boy who became Petey's best friend when Petey had to move away from Calvin. Trevor loves to take Petey fishing, shopping and out for walks to keep Petey out of the nursing home.

PETEY!In all of Petey's life he's been living in an Insane Asylum, in a whell chair, and can talk or control any actions. But in the book he learns speek and make friends and to just live his life as happily as he can.

Calvin!When Petey was living in the Insane Asylum Calvin was Petey's best friend, he always made Petey feel happy by playing toy guns with him. When Calvin was a little boy he was left out in the cold, so his feet got messed up so Calvin can not walk but he can talk.

Hi, i'm BenMikaelson the author Petey!


THEME!The theme I chose was friendship because all throughout the book Petey had some sort of friend that made him happy and not down in the dumps.

Ben Mikaelson was the writer of the book Petey. He has a wife and a pet bear named Buffy, his wifes name is Connie. I think Ben's live has an impact on his storys because his pet bear shows up in alot of his storys. Ben also loves to travel and find research about his storys.

Onomatopoeia: "Aee,Aee"Simile: "His eys were as hollow as his ribs"


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