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Habitat *Only found in New Zealand*Used to found on both North and South Stewart Islands *Moved to the Ancho,Codfish, Chalky, and Maud islands because they were predator free* Kakapo inhabit the forests on the islands* Lives in a temperate climate.*When mating, they dig holes in the ground as their homes* Like to wander their territory, making other ground nests.(Ark, kkp.net,BLI)

Food Chain* Herbavore*Eats roots,nuts,and berries, and leaves.*Predators include: Cats,dogs,rats(kkp.net,Ark)

Adaptation* Molted feathers * Mostly green, feathers acts as camouflage. *Can weigh up to 4 kilograms *Can glide from tree to tree. * Stores lots of energy in their fat.* Unique mating ritual * Male digs a nest* Lets out a low 'boom' to attract females * Learned to hold still in dangerous situations* Is nocturnal.(DoC, kakapo.net, Ark)

Meet The Kakapo: A General Description*The kakapo is a: large,nocturnal, and flightless bird * Where it dwelled was uninhabited* Was massacred when the Polynesian, and Europians settled the land. * It is currently criticaly endangered on the IUCN Red List* The kakapo is the largest bird in the world (59 - 64 cm)*It's also the heaviest bird in the world (950 - 4,000 g) * The Kakapo may be the longest living bird in the world(kkp.net, Ark.)

kakapo in habitat(Ark)Kakapo In Habitat(Arkive.org)

Kakapo Walking(Ark)

Kakapo eating (DOC)

Help Save the kakapos!* There are only about 120 left! * They're flightless birds* Are criticaly endangered *Help them now, to save this unique species of parrot.

Endangermet reasons*Natural predators died out* First Polynesian people came* Habitat was chopped down * Europeans came *Brought predators with them, such as cats * Kakapo didn't recognize them as dangerous * They couldn't escape,flightless*Their way of protection was holding still so the camouflage work. * Useless against the mammals that used smells, (like a cat, or dog).* Currently the kakapos are radio-tagged * Each nest is monitered, * Fed with supplements in breeding attempts.(kkp.net, BLI)


The kakapo is nocturnal(Ark)


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