Kaitlyn's Copper

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Kaitlyn's Copper

Symbol: CuAtomic Number: 29Atomic Mass: 63.55


# of Protons: 29# of Neutrons: 36# of Electrons: 29

Melting Point: 1083.0 CBoiling Point: 2567.0 CNormal Phase: SOLID

a transition metal

Latin : "The Island of

Latin: "The Island of Cyprus"

COPPER: NOT just in a PENNY!it also in thing WE USE EVERYDAY!

1.50 per pound

copper is in: compters refigerators veachels it is also used in todays coins like penny, dime, nickel, and also half dollors.

3 intersting facts1.jordan,ejypt,and israel have a smellting location that date back to 4500 bc2.it is not easy efftected by wind or water.3.large amount of copper are discoved in candana, chilli, peru,us, zembia,and zaine

copper is recycleable

Kaitlyn Howard


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