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Don't Quit, Be Fit!!!

The Mental/Emotional Side

The Physical Side(:

1) Go for a walk.2) Turn the music up and dance :)3) Take the stairs.4) Clean house.5) Make time to stretch your muscles. (you can do this while watching T.V)

It's always helpful to have a friends support(:

I have added a link to help you understandhow to stay strong even when it seems the whole world is crashing down on you. When I first looked at this site it was really an eye opener and the tips actually made since. I hope they help(:

The main idea of the social side of the Health Triangle is to get along with family members, make and keep friends, work well in groups, give and get support when needed and disagreeing without fighting.

I'll show you good ways to handle the problems life throws at you.

The Social Side Of Things(:

Being fit is much more than just weight control. The best way I can explain how to stay fit is to help you get a better look at the three sides of the Health Triangle. Also below, watch out for the links I have included to show you some information I may have not included. (: *Healthy Tip*Grab hold of a friend and ask them to support you.

Be Nice!!!!!!

MyPyramid.gov will help you plan a healthy diet! (:

Don't Quit, Be Fit!!! by Kaitlin Robison is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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