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Kady Belle


By: Kady Harper

Where do a lot of tornadoes happen?

-Midsection of United States-Canada-Texas-South Dokota-Oklahoma

Who studies tornadoes and how is their strength measured?

-Meteorologists-Measured on Fugita-Pearson Tornado Scale-F0-Gale Tornado-40-72 mph-miner damage

How do you prepare yourself for a tornado?

-get in basement-if outside get in ditch cover head with hands-get in room that will protect from strong winds

How do they form?

-hurricane-sometimes thunderstorm-cool air passes over warm air causing air to rise rapidly-high winds up to 250 mph or more

When is the most dangerous time for tornadoes?


-TRi State Tornado hit Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana-March 18,1925-Killed 695 and injured 2,027 people-May 22, 2011 Joplin, MO top 10

What is the strongest kind of tornado?A.F6 40% B.F5 27% C.F4 3% D.F3 30%

What was the worst tornado to hit the U.S.?



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