[2015] Kimmy Thach (15-16 Tech Start): K. Thach-All About Me

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[2015] Kimmy Thach (15-16 Tech Start): K. Thach-All About Me

Digital Storytelling

On my free time I love to cook and try new recipes and even create my own. I like to go outside and draw anything I see or think of. I like to sit in my room with music playing in the background, gum in my mouth, and a can of Arizona on my desk and I just free write all of my thoughts onto some paper. I like to be by myself or with friends. To sum up my hobbies: I like to be myself while doing the things I am comfortable doing knowing that no one can judge me right then and there.

My Hobbies

All About Kimmy:

I've been parasailing. I've caught crabs, clams, and accidentally stepped on a jellyfish when I was in Florida for a dive. I've traveled to Cambodia, Veitnam, Thailand, Florida, and Arizona. I've flown on a plane, been on a boat, road a motorcycle, but fell asleep while driving it: got burned. I am an intermediate level chef and I have eaten foods you would think are gross. :3


Academically, I plan to get a 33 or above on the ACT, a 3.8 GPA or more until I graduate, have 120 completed volunteer hours and to receive the presidential scholarship. Personally, I want to get married at 30, have four kids, live in a 3 story house, become an engineer and own two dogs. I also want to be able to buy my mother everything she wants because of all she has done for me.

I have 4 other siblings, all girls. I live with my mother, grandmother, my little sister, Jenny, and my older sisters, Thyna and Callata.I have 6 dogs I consider family: two yorkies, Bear and Lita, two shitzus, Nani and Kiko, one Great Peranese, Hunter, and one American Bull dog/ Pit Bull mix named Kain.I also have a betta fish named Alex that my family consideres family. :)



In the future I plan to have a masters degree in mathematics, science, and computer science from one of the greatest enginerring colleges/ uiversity. I plan to be an intern for an enginerring firm, and later on I will be a computer software engineer for Apple or Samsung. I will live in a 3 story house of my satisfaction. I will be married by 30 and have 4 kids by 36. I will house 2 dogs. I want to travel every summer with my kids and I want to be able to buy my mother everything she wants in return for taking care of my sisters and I.I will be an awesome mom :)

My Future:

My Passions:


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