K-12 online learning in MN

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K-12 online learning in MN

What does the research say?*Independent, self-motivated students who are good readers and who are good at working in flexible environments with less structure do very well in online learning environments*Full-time online students are more likely to drop out of school than students in traditional classrooms*Full-time online students in higher ed. settings performed on average better than students in traditional classrooms, according to a US Dept. of Ed. meta-analysis of over 1,000 recent studies *There is very little quantitative data regarding the efficacy of K-12 online learning, however there is case-study data that online learning works wonders for some students, even keeping them from dropping out of school* Spring 2010 MCA-11 data shows that 52% of full- time online students in grades 3-8 were proficient at math, compared to 68% of all students in grades 3-8* Spring 2010 MCA-11 data shows that 16% of full- time online students in grades 10-11 were proficient at math, compared to 41% of all students in grades 10-11* Data on math test score growth from 2010-11 shows that 39% of full-time online students had low test score growth, 42% had average growth, and 19% had high growth, compared to 26, 47, and 27%, respectively, for all students*In reading, students in full-time online and traditional classrooms perform very similarly

K-12 online learning in MN

What have I learned...by Kaitlin Erpestad

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Interesting Facts

1) about 20,000 students took at least one online class during 2010-20112)between 2006 and 2010, the number of students taking full time online school more than tripled3) 45 states and D.C. have state virtual schools and many options for state approved public and private online schools exist4) options for online learning include full- and part-time programs and blended learning5) About 1.2% of MN K-12 students were full-time online students in the 2010-11 school year6) Students in all grades K-12 can take online courses from anywhere in the US or the world!

Check out this video of students from a Florida Online School talking about why they link to go to school online!

A senior at a High School does ROTC work via an online class

Girls in Afghanistan are able to study on an online school and use the program Global Connections

Being an online student doesn't mean you always study alone!

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Going to school online lets students focus on other passions and developing talents.


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