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The forbidden temple

Jackie tries to steal the great gem of the Forbidden temple which is also one of Jason's idea. While unfortunately for Clark, he's one step behind as he has been poisoned. Just when Jason's plan was going according to plan, Clark found a cure as silly Jackie accidentally droped the formula of the potion. As soon as he recovers, he rush back through the scene and find out evidences that others couldn't one after another. Trace them even to their headquarters. Through all the catch & run, finally Clark was too smart for Jackie to handle although Jason was able to get away...

CharactersJackie - A mastermind that uses his intelligent for the wrong reason. The significant crime he has done is stealing the crown of the queen. Jason - The great apprentice of Jackie who is actually the one behind all the crimes. Clark - The child prodigy who has such great knowledge of the world and always solving Jackies's crimes and has always been one step ahead.

Just you try!

Author:Thura Phyo



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