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Justyna Kowalczyk



Hi my name is Justyna Kowalczyk was born in 1983

During his stay in school for talented teenager Alexander noted Wierietielny coach. Although in Zakopane Justin being practiced under the guidance of Louis Turner, the training plans already laid down the coach of the national team. And so was born the championship duo. In December 2001, Justin debuted in the World Cup and already in the second start surprised everyone winning the first Cup spot. Next summer workouts and races under the guidance of Aleksander Wierietielny brought more good results. From year to year more and more Polish girl in the world existed routes.

gears of life

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- Turin Olympic Games - 30 km freestyle

- Mistrzostwa świata Liberec – bieg łączony 15 km (7,5km stylem klasycznym + 7,5 km stylem dowolnym)

-World Championship Liberec - 30 km freestyle

-World Cup Final 2008/09 - Sweden

-Vancouver Olympic Games - 30 km classic style

-Tour de Ski 2009/10


Justyna Kowalczyk comes from Kasina Wielka


Skiing is almost a lifetime Justine , but ... not all . On each trip he takes with him a bag filled with books. Justyna love books.


The Olympic GamesGold Vancouver 2010 30 km classic styleVancouver 2010 silver sprint classic styleBronze Torino 2006 30 km freestyleVancouver 2010 Bronze 15 km combinedWorld ChampionshipGold Liberec 2009 15 km combinedGold Liberec 2009 30 km freestyleSilver Oslo 2011 15 km combinedSilver Oslo 2011 10 km classic styleBronze Liberec 2009 10 km classic styleOslo 2011 Bronze 30 km freestyle

Justyna Kowalczyk - Polish cross country ski world champion, four-time winner of the World Cup ski races.


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