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Vote For Justinian

Ruled from 527-565 AD, ruled for 38 years

Was educated in law, music, architecture, theology(study of god and religious beliefs), and Roman history

Reclaimed lots of land taken by Vikings

Created the code of Justian, which last for 900 years!

Gave woman may more rights that we use today, like woman can own property

Under his rule they created churches, bridges, roads, mosaics, forums, and forts. The most known church that they created was the Hagia Sofia, it has a huge dome on top with a rectangular base

The Cyrillic was created by St. Cyril, along with his brother Methodius,they created the first Slavic alphabet.The Glagolitic which helped translate Greek religious text to Slavic.

Justinian put his project workers to work on Constantinople after the riot of the blues and the greens and bulit Hospitals, public baths, roads, churches


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