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European history

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Justinian was one of the very first emperors of the Byzantine Empire. He took the throne at age 44 in 527 and ended his reign in 565. All of Byzantine was the Eastern Roman Empire, but as the years passed, Justinian fought for the western half. He regained a majority of the western half along with the help of his pwerful generals, Belizarius and Narses.

The main culture in Byzantine was the Greek Culture. Justinian had a strong belief in Christianity. He wrote laws to protect the church.

Culture and Religion

Justinian was the former emperor of the Byzantine Empire and has established many things like the Justinian Code and the Golden Age of Byzantium. He made things better for his people, so he thought with the knowledge he had as emperor, he would make a fit president for the U.S. Here's some examples of why you should vote for Justinian.

Justinian I for President

In the Jusinian Code, there was a section about women's rights, and what they were allowed to do and could not do. In the Code it was stated that women could own property, make contracts and will, and bring a lawsuit. They are very similar to the American laws we, because there are many women in the U.S. who own masses of land and are respected by the crowd. In American laws, it states that women have the same amount of rights as men do.

The Jusinian Code was a set of laws that Justinian made. They were originally the Roman laws called the Twelve Tables, but he revised and edited all the laws and renamed it the Justinian Code. It became the basis of laws all around the world. He had all the laws written down in one place instead of being spread out. He thought it would be treateing his people unfairly and he didn't want that. Once they were all written down, they revised all of the laws one more time to make sure there wasn't any conflict with other laws. Once they were amended in 529 A.D. those laws were officially known as the Justinian Code.

Justinian Code

Justinian valued eduation. During the time, everybody had a knowledge of law, and knew how it worked. The way education worked was that the richer somebody's family was, that student got a better education. Children studied and practiced Christianity.

Reign and Territory

One of the greatest pieces of architecture ever built was the Hagia Sophia. There were different versions of the church, but Justinian restored it to its original form we know of today. It was built to be a church in 537. When it was conquered by the Ottman Turks, it was turned into a mosque and the minarets were added. Today in Istanbul Hagia Sophia is a museum, but even before the Ottmans conquered the area, the inside of the mueseum was filled with mosaics. Mosaics are colored glass tiles put together to form a big picture. There was one that contained a picture of the Virgin Mary, Constantine, and Justinian.

Art and Architecture

Theodora was Justinian's wife and able advisor. She helped Justinian and had some major roles in the Byzantine Empire. During the Nika Revolt, there were two groups that burned and crushed buildings. Justinian couldn't control them, but Theodora spoke up and gave a speech about previous rulers who died. They attacked the Hippodrome and regained peace in Byzantine thanks to Theodora.


Why vote for Justinian?


Women's Rights

Map of Byzantine


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