Justinian I

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Justinian I

By: Mary Carlisto

Justinian's Code is a set of laws written for the Roman Empire. Even today, laws can be traced back to Justinian's Code.

Emperor Justinian I reigned from AD 527-65, nearly forty years.

Justinian I


The Hagia Sophia

Justinian's Code

The Hagia Sophia incorporated both Christianity and Islam. The Hagia Sophia was rebuilt three times. Originally, the cathedral was said to be built by Constantine in 325 AD. But was burned in a fire in 404, which was then rebuilt again in the same place. While Justinian I was ruling, the second Hagia Sophia was burned in the Nika Riots. Justinian then had the cathedral rebuilt to bring back the Roman Empire's former glory.

Justinian's Code (originally called the Codex Justinianus) is a set of laws written for the Roman Empire. The previous laws were not written and the emperors changed the laws often. Justinian wanted all people under Roman rule to be treated equally. It stated that the emperor can only make the laws, not the government as a whole. Justinian's Code is now referred to as the Corpus Juris and many modern laws are based off of this Code.

Justinian I (or Justinian the Great), tried to unite the Roman Empire and bring it back to it's former glory, but failed. His army took over the Vandal, Ostrogothic, and Visigothic territories. This allowed him to reconquer the West Mediterranean.

The Hagia Sophia, whose name translates into ''holy wisdom,'' is an old, domed building originally built as a cathedral.

Theodora was considered the most influental women of her time. She expanded divorce rights, property ownership for women, and many more rights for women and children. Theodora helped Justinian with political office while he was ruling.

Theodora: Justinian's Spouse

I personally think Justinian I is on the POD list because many of our modern laws are based off of his Code. That and Justinian I built the Hagia Sophia, a marvelous, spectacular cathedral that housed two religions. I do think he was ranked correctly. Justinian I was ranked #81 and for good reason. Though he may have based most of our laws, it's not like he was the most influental person on earth or based the whole world's laws.


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